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Why Eat Insects?



Healthy living and clean eating are fast becoming definitive trends in peoples day to day lifestyle. Paleo eating, raw food diets and vegan-ism, are all common topics in daily banter, but how many people have told you that they maintain their protein and B1 levels by eating crickets, locusts and termites?

Edible insects have higher protein levels than beef, more iron than kale, and comparable levels of B1 and B2 found in Spirulina. Insects are organic and natural with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives making it obvious that edible insects are the food of the future!


With the farming of animal products responsible for 26% of our water foot-print and 18% of greenhouse-gas emissions worldwide, and the world population estimated to be around 9.5 billion by 2050, it’s crucial that we find a more effective and sustainable methods of farming natural protein.



'Crawlers' Cricket Flour is definitely the gateway bug with up to 68.8% protein per volume, its a great start to introducing more Sustainable Protein into your diet.

For example, cows require 3400 liters of water per kg to produce 1kg of protein, crickets only require 1.5 liters per kg. Also cows require 9kg of feed to produce 1kg of protein, whereas crickets only require 1.7kg.

Not only that, crickets produce just 2.2g of CO2 per 1kg of protein, this is very low compared to cattle, which can produce up to 2,800g of CO2 per 1kg of protein!

Did you know if a family of four ate one meal a week for a year using 'Crawlers' Cricket Flour they would save our planet around 650,000 liters of water annually.

Give our edible insects a try today, you'll be doing the planet a favour!